About Feast & Fettle

Feast & Fettle was founded on the premise and appreciation of how difficult it is for working professionals and families to put great food on the table every night.

We provide a win-win solution, so that everyday life doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the highest-quality food at home.

We’re here for the families working overtime to give their children the best, the couples working long hours who just want to relax and reconnect over a great meal, and for all individuals looking for healthy, home-cooked meals after a long day at the office.

Meet Maggie


Maggie is our Founder, Executive Chef and lifelong foodie. Before Feast & Fettle, Maggie was a personal chef, where she developed her appreciation for fine home-cooking.

“I’m passionate about bringing people together around fresh, healthy food. Being a personal chef is my calling and some of the most rewarding work I’ve done. Through Feast & Fettle, I’m expanding my reach to more individuals and families than ever – making people happy one wholesome meal at a time.”

Maggie is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University’s Culinary Nutrition Program.

Meet Nikki


Nikki is our General Manager and lifelong best-friend of Maggie. She has been with Feast & Fettle since day one and has held almost all positions at the company!

“I’ve always been dedicated to the Feast & Fettle mission of making mealtime less stressful for families and individuals. I'm passionate about our customers and always look to go above and beyond expectations to ensure our product and service is outstanding."